SFCCA – Who We Are

South Four Corners Citizens Association (SFCCA) represents approximately 1,200 households. We are dedicated to “Building a stronger community, one neighbor at a time.” We can only do it with your support.

Each year, SFCCA holds six community meetings and distributes six newsletters to every household. We support a community wide listserv on Yahoo Groups and a website. Each of these is an excellent opportunity for you to meet new neighbors and keep informed about issues affecting our neighborhood.

To help foster a true community, SFCCA sponsors activities such as an ice cream social, National Night Out, a Community Yard Sale, garden tours, plant swaps, a Halloween Parade, Holiday Tree Lighting and welcome bags for our new neighbors.

SFCCA is recognized by Montgomery County as the neighborhood voice of South Four Corners. SFCCA belongs to the Montgomery County Civic Federation and we often coordinate with other neighborhood associations within the County on matters of mutual concern.

SFCCA is an advocate for neighborhood improvement. In 2012 we were successful in obtaining new painted crosswalks and directional signs. Six times a year we sponsor a road-side cleanup of Forest Glen Road, and we have recently begun a long-term beautification project of the same area.

On occasion, SFCCA will take a position on issues affecting our neighborhood. These issues often involve zoning and development that affect our residential character. In 2012 we worked with the Siena School to address neighbor concerns associated with their relocation into the former Boys & Girls Club. SFCCA also took a position on pending changes to the Montgomery County zoning standards for accessory apartments.

If you share our goal of “Building a stronger community, one neighbor at a time” we encourage you to join SFCCA.

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