SFCCA Committee Chairs and Volunteer Positions

Newsletter Editor (Jane Jannotta)
Manages the newsletter process – from receiving content and ads, to editing, printing and delivery. The newsletter editor shall also solicit for announcements, photographs and other content as needed.

Advertising (Dick Messalle)
Solicits ads for the newsletter, tracks ad reservations and payments.

Newsletter Distribution Coordinator (Dave Nettleton)
Receives the printed newsletter and distributes to newsletter route distributors six times per year. Coordinator must have an email account to communicate with newsletter editor and other members of the community.

Newsletter Distributors (Managed by Dave Nettleton)
Delivers the newsletter to individual homes six times per year. Please contact Dave Nettleton to learn about available routes.

Membership (Eileen Broderick)
Solicits household membership via the listserv, South Four Corners website, community meetings and community events. Collects membership dues via check, PayPal or credit card.

Secretary (VACANT)
An elected position, the Secretary takes the minutes during bi-monthly SFCCA meetings, types them up, and submits them to the Newsletter Editor for the upcoming issue.

E-Group/Listserv Moderator (David West)
Approves access to the listserv.

Neighborhood Watch (Nghi Nguyen)
Posts the crime reports provided by Montgomery County Police (Officer Joy Patil) and organizes National Night Out in August.

Welcome (John Holden)
Welcomes new neighbors to the community by distributing welcome bags to them. Bags will contain useful information about our community, local services, restaurants and stores.

Website/Social Media Editor (Betty Batty)                                                                               Updates community website (www.southfourcorners.com) with articles from the newsletter provided by the newsletter editor, as well as other important information, announcements and resources throughout the year. Posts relevant information on Facebook. Knowledge of WordPress is helpful, but training will be provided.

Diversity & Inclusion (Peri & John Evanoff)
Raises awareness on ways to speak out against intimidation, vandalism, and hate speech in all its forms.

Public Works (Michael Lucy)
Works to keep streets safe throughout our neighborhood by monitoring potholes, pedestrian crossings, curbs, sidewalks and more, as well as reporting them to the Montgomery County Government via the 311 service. 

Adopt-A-Road Coordinator (David West)
Participates in the bi-monthly Adopt-A-Road clean-up program , and reports date, number of bags picked up, and type of bags used to the county each time a clean-up is performed.

Community Day Coordinator (VACANT)
We’re currently seeking someone to take on the role of coordinating the most popular event in our community! Community Day happens bi-annually, next in 2018. This committee has very active and committed members. The event can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish – it’s up to you and your team! If you’re interested in leading this productive team, please email Carolyn at SFCCA.President@gmail.com.

Social Events (Jenny Cannon)
Coordinates social events such as the Ice Cream Social, Yard Sale, Halloween Parade, Holiday Tree Lighting and more.

Gardening (Jeanne Berman)
Provides our community with gardening tips and coordinates garden tours and similar events.

 If you’re interested in joining a committee, please email Carolyn at SFCCA.President@gmail.com. Carolyn will connect you with the committee chair who can then mentor you in your new role. 

Thanks to everyone who has served the community in these positions in the past. We are VERY grateful!

3 Responses to Volunteer

  1. Cassie Gabriel says:

    Would be happy to help with Newsletter distribution.

  2. ceehenry says:

    I would be happy to help with updating the website. I am extremely familiar and therefore comfortable with WordPress.


    • bettybatty1 says:

      Hi Carolyn, Sorry it took so long to respond. My only job on the website is to update it and post things that are given to me. I don’t really manage the site or manage the comments. But if you would like to be involved, email me your contact info at mreedk@verizon.net and either I or the SFC site manager will get back to you.

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