SFC Gardening Guru

Jeanne Berman shares some great information—tips for your trees and gardens, a neighborhood plant swap, garden tours, and so much more!

As a gardener, I love the winter but always look forward to the arrival of spring. Some of your plants are starting to wake up.  I am ready to return to my garden, and hopefully yours, with an invitation.

We have had some nice garden tours and hope to have many more. Let us see your trees in bloom or your vegetable garden producing a favorite crop, maybe boast about your beautiful blooming azaleas. For the more novice gardener out there, we can help suggest the right plant in the right place, and discuss other possibilities that could fit your garden space! Garden classroom/tours may be held throughout April – October. Please contact Jeanne Berman at 301-593-2264 or jzberman8@gmail.com to offer your garden.

Also, please be mindful of our elderly and sick neighbors who may need our help in their yards and gardens—it could  be a tree that needs some pruning, leaves that need cleaning up, or even a county roadside tree that should be checked. Finally, I’d love to start a spring and/or fall plant swap at community events, where we can bring seedlings and or divisions of plants, and trade with other neighbors. If you are interested, please contact Jeanne Berman: 301-­593-­2264, jz8berman@gmail.com

Spring Gardening Tips: With the arrival of  spring, start buying seeds of plants you want and begin spring cleaning your yard so you can enjoy all the lovely spring blossoms as they appear. If you want to get outside to prune some of your trees, you may prune summer-blooming trees and shrubs in late winter (e.g., crepe myrtles). For spring-blooming trees and shrubs, wait until after they bloom before you prune those (e.g., azaleas). Also KNOW the plant and cultivar of the plant you want to prune. There are many great online resources if you know the correct name of the plant.

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