Planning a Block Party

Looking to coordinate a block party?

View Block Party requirements and download APPLICATION – Enjoy!

Division of Operations
101 Orchard Ridge Drive, 2nd Floor, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
240.777.6000, Fax 240.777.2080

If your neighborhood would like to have an event that involves closing all or
part of a roadway, you must complete a block party/neighborhood event
application. Please fax or mail the completed application to the address or
number listed above.

1) The applicant must post signs notifying the public at least one (1) week
prior to the day of the event. The signs must be posted on the right side of
roadway facing traffic at the points of closure or at the beginning of each
street along an event route. Sign lettering must be legible for motorists to see
and comprehend.

2) Traffic cones spaced no further than five (5) feet apart must be used to
close the roadway(s) for block parties and other events where applicable. The
County will be unable to provide traffic cones for your use; however, private
companies that rent traffic cones may be found in the yellow pages under
“Rental.” Traffic cones shall be a minimum height of 28″ tall with two (2) 4″
reflectorized bands around cone.

3) The applicant must provide a written notice three (3) days in advance of the
event to residents of all properties abutting the roadway(s) listed on this

4) Vehicle and pedestrian access to properties abutting the roadway(s) listed on
this permit must be permitted where possible; Emergency Vehicles Shall Be
Permitted Passage At All Times.

5) The Authority of the Department of Transportation extends only to permission
to occupy a public right of way. Our issuance of this permit does not relieve
the participants of their obligation to obey all applicable State and County
laws. You may contact the Police if you desire information relative to any
specific law (i.e. excessive noise, public nuisance, etc.).

6) County regulations permit the consumption of alcoholic beverages on those
portions of closed roadway(s) approved for neighborhood block parties during the
times listed on the permit.

7) The Emergency Communications Center, 301.279.8000, must be notified the day
of your event.

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