Advertising Guidelines

Page Size One-Time Ad Placement Annual Ad Placement
(20% discount)
Full page (7.5″ x 10″) $300 $1440
½ page (7.5″ x 5″) $150 $720
⅓ page (7.5″ x 3.33″) $100 $480
Business card (3.75″ x 2.25″) $50 $240
½ Business card (1.875″ x 2.25″) $25 $120
Text Ad for small home business (babysitting, lawn care, etc.) $10 $48

We publish six times a year, and hand-deliver a printed B&W newsletter to each of the nearly 1,200 homes in South Four Corners. Ads are placed throughout the 8 pages. Online color newsletters are posted at Printed Newsletters.

Submission deadlines: February 20, April 20, June 20, August 20, October 20, and December 20

Ad formats and to reserve space: Submit JPEG, PDF or TIF files  and ad size to Jane Jannotta at

Payment options:
1. By check made payable to South Four Corners Citizens Association
2. Via PayPal (credit card or e-check) by clicking on the Donate button.
3. By mail to: SFC Newsletter Ad, P.O. BOX 792, Silver Spring, MD 20918-0792. Please include your contact information: name, address, phone and/or email address.

Questions about formatting or need assistance? Please contact Jane Jannotta at

Thank you!

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