Newsletter Editor’s Corner

Welcome to the South Four Corners Community Association (SFCCA) Newsletter. We publish six times per year – Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/June, July/Aug, and Oct/Nov. Volunteers hand-deliver the newsletter throughout the community, arriving on your door step before each SFCCA meeting.

The newsletter brings you current news and information about our unique community here at South Four Corners. Page one introduces the guest speaker for the upcoming meeting – often someone from, and involved in, the greater community. Inside the issue you’ll find details about upcoming events and dates, recaps on past events, information on local services, and detailed reporting on important advocacy work for our local neighborhood and the broader county.

This is your newsletter! Feel free to contribute articles and stories such as historical pieces, announcements, human interest stories, goods and services – just to name a few. I welcome your comments, any inquiries about advertising, and am open to suggestions for future topics. Email me anytime at

Please click on Advertising Guidelines for information about deadlines and submission of both copy and ads. Past newsletters are archived under Printed Newsletters.

Thanks in advance to everyone who contributes!

Jane Jannotta
SFCCA Newsletter Editor

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