SFCCA Meeting: Monday, Mar 16 at 7pm – CANCELLED

Tracy RezvaniIf you have never been victimized by the scam artists and fraudsters who are becoming increasingly sophisticated while taking advantage of new technologies, it is probably not because you haven’t been targeted. Whether it is online, over the phone, or door-to-door, scams succeed because they look or sound like the real thing and can catch even the savviest person off guard.

Please join us at our upcoming SFCCA meeting as we welcome Tracy Rezvani, Investigative Program Administrator for the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection. She will describe some of the scams we can expect in our email, over our phones, in our mailbox, and at our door, and what steps we can take to protect ourselves against those who are out to steal our identity and our money. Ms. Rezvani is an attorney with over 20 years’ experience in consumer protection law. She has authored numerous consumer protection publications, managed law firms specializing in consumer protection class action litigation, and advocated on behalf of individuals and non-profit clients. She also has extensive experience as a researcher, as well as in interpreting and applying consumer protection statutes. It is our good fortune to have an outstanding advocate like Tracy Rezvani come to our neighborhood to share her insights and wise counsel with us. We hope to see many of you there.

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