SFCCA Meeting: Monday, July 16 at 7pm

Anne Keating 3 croppedPlease join us when Ann Keating will share her knowledge of how food and diet can promote a healthy mind and a balanced mood.

As a licensed integrative nutritionist, Ann focuses on how food and diet can be used to help heal various body systems that need support. Ann is passionate about replenishing depleted brain chemistry through diet so that our minds are clear and focused, moods are good, we sleep better, and we stave off dementia or cognitive decline.

Ann regularly leads a 5-week sugar detox workshop called RESTART, and she loves REAL food. She helps teach whole foods cooking classes as well as some integrative health classes at her Alma matter, Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Ann’s presentation, Food and Mood, will address one’s overall diet as well as specific foods that promote a healthy mind and a balanced mood. In addition, Ann will touch on rapidly expanding research on the brain-gut connection and specific steps you can take to help your brain by helping your gut function better.

(Please remember, SFCCA meetings end promptly at 8:30 pm.)

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