Are you ready for the first-ever SFCCA “Build a Snowman” contest?

SFCCA announced our “Build a Snowman” contest announced in the January/February Newsletter.
As temperatures cool and snow starts to fall in the area, many us tend to mostly stay inside until spring. While sitting in front of the fireplace enjoying cocoa can be fun, you may be missing out on some great opportunities to get to know your neighbors a bit better.
I’d like to announce the first-ever SFCCA “Build a Snowman” contest. When it does snow this winter, get together with some of your neighbors and build the best snowman you can. Then take a picture, and e-mail it to me at In a future newsletter, and at an upcoming meeting, we will announce the winners in the following categories: Biggest Snowman, Most Creative Snowman and Best Snowman Built by Kids Under 10. Winners will receive a special prize from a local business.
There is enough snow right now for the “Most Creative Snowman” and with Friday’s expected snowfall, Saturday could be a great day for the  “Biggest Snowman” and “Best Snowman Built by Kids Under 10”!   
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