Join us for the September meeting on Monday, Sept. 10

The  guest  speaker  for  our  September  10th  meeting  is  State  legislator  and   Silver Spring  resident  Tom  Hucker,  who  is  serving  his  second  term  in  the  Maryland House  of  Delegates.  Mr.  Hucker  will  review  for  us  this  year’s  legislative  activity  in Annapolis   and  discuss  what  he  sees  as  the  state’s  priorities  going  forward.  Among his   many  legislative  interests  are:  strong  environmental  and  consumer  protections,   sustainable  energy  policy,  living  wage  jobs,  universal  pre-­kindergarten,  and   tougher regulation  of  PEPCO.  He  is  looking  forward  to  hearing  your  thoughts   and answering  any  questions  you  may  have  on  these  or  other  state   level  matters.

Join us on Sept. 10 to learn about things happening in our community, meet Mr. Hucker and meet your neighbors.

Meeting will begin at 7p.m. at the Schweinhaut Senior Center located at 1000 Forest Glen Road.

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