Many thanks to Jr .Girl Scout Troop 4903.

This summer they collected 88 bags of groceries for the St. Luke’s food pantry in one week. What a remarkable project for a group of 10 year old girls to pull off, and inspiring to see each girl realize how they can make a difference in our community.  These girls really put their hearts into this project and worked hard. It is a good reminder about how each of us can make our neighborhood better.

These girls also placed no dumping plaques on most of the storm drains in the neighborhood to remind neighbors that what you dump- in the sewer, or in the street, or in your driveway- ends up going into Sligo Creek, the Anacostia River, and our State Treasure, the Chesapeake Bay.  As part of this project you might have found information about dumping at your front door, and perhaps saw the girls in action. We should be very proud of these young ladies who placed plaques on 50 storm drains.

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